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Omaha Lakes

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Well you all know about Zorinsky Lake being drained and it will be years before any kind of fish population gets established again. I went to all the other lakes and caught plenty of small Crappies and Bluegills. For some reason Wherspann fish like the blue jigs. Standing Bear fish like taliwagers or anything that wiggles. Walnut Creek fish anything that wiggles and those little black grub jigs work well for me. I even caught some small Channel catfish at Cunningham Lake. I was using liver and worms for the catfish.(PS. they are really hungry and will attack your bait fast!) I have tried some of that liquid lure stuff and seems to work well at some lakes and not so well at others. Any recommendation about the best catfish bait for around here? Please post!
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Re: Omaha Lakes
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 a crazy thing i heard for catfish supposedly works well..heard it from an old timer. he used to spray his liver with WD40 and swore up and down it was the best catfish bait he had ever used! ive never tried it and honestly u culd get in trouble for polluting the water but if u dare try it let me know how it goes. i guess all the oil in it and scent is attractive to big cat
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Posted On: 05/20/2011 9:04 PM
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