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Sep Deer hunt Near Omaha

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Location: OK
Normally I plan everything to the tee. Hunt 3-5 states a year, own a mfring company that creates the greatest stand ever invented (OK, only a little bias), live in OK, own house in MN too, and take 3-9 kids through hunter safety courses every year.
 Well, I just setup a trip to Omaha for work but want to slice in a littel pleasure too (20-24 or so Sep) and figured I'd see if I could get a couple days of hunting in up there. Reading the regs it looks like I can get a bow tag for deer without a draw process (some please confirm) and once that is covered, of course I will need a place to hunt and local info that may help me along :) I only hunt public lands or private land owner permission lands and not guided cheating hunts (no pay guide responses please).
  What I can offer in return for local info to your carefully guarded hot spot is the following:  Open access to the above style of hunts in Oklahoma and Minnesota. Both states are belly up states for tags (walk into Walmart, buy tag, hunt the next day). In OK is hunt on 1000's of acres (both public and private owned) that we hunt on almost daily (its a family affair here). No feeders or fences, just good knowledge of the areas. I also own a 2 story home in MN that is across the street from 100's of miles of state land in way Northern MN. That hunt is the hardest hunt you will ever be on and make sure you can read a compass because it's 20 miles to the next road if you go the wrong direction. I do not charge for hunting, ever. You want hunt, just contact me, pay for your travel, tags and lodging (in OK - MN has plenty of space and the nearest lodging is 50 miles away) and lets hunt!
   Well, in summary, if you know the short and sweet on non-resident bow hunt around Omaha (can't really travel too far from there) and want to share a hunting area for a day or two with an avid hunting nice guy, drop me some info and lets see if we can be luckier than the prey we are after (ain't found a human yet that is smarter than a deer :)).
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Re: Sep Deer hunt Near Omaha
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I can confirm that you can just buy a tag over internet or at local game & fish office around Omaha. But as far as the land goes i have no land to hunt as i hunt public land a few hours south of Omaha but i work the 20th thru the 24th.
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Re: Sep Deer hunt Near Omaha
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Posted On: 09/03/2010 11:54 AM
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