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Memories: Catfisherman in the making Pt. 2
Next comes life's journeys and getting caught up in all of those moments.  Those times when fishing is on the back burner for us and when those situations in life lead us away from fishing and

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Catfishing Dams: catch bait and trophy catfish
Fishing the tail water of the dams in the spring time can be spectacular for anglers however there are certain dangers that I think all should be aware of if you’re attempting to fish the dams for
Go shallow for spring
When the spring weather warms up and the days get longer, this will trigger the catfish to begin to move from there wintering holes to places that will allow them to feed heavily before the spawn. In
American ProCatters is launched
Heres a great site for catfish tournament anglers, and the turning point in the catfishing industry. CHECK IT OUT! MISSION STATEMENT: The American ProCatters Network
How to catch Catfish in the Winter
Right now, most guys have whitetail deer on the brain or are sitting at home reliving the memories of this past season or still trying to tag there deer. But for those who have tagged there trophy

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